The American College of Regenerative Medicine is strongly committed to patient safety and optimal standards of care. ACRM is also committed to following FDA guidelines and maintaining compliance for stem cell and other biotherapies.

Healthcare professionals at the point of care must be familiar with the regulatory guidelines and options for cell therapy treatments in order to properly advise patients.
A cornerstone of the ACRM safety philosophy is for healthcare practitioners to only practice within the scope of their specialty.  While inter-specialty collaboration is of great benefit and encouraged, healthcare professionals must practice within the scope of their specialties to maintain safety. This is a requirement to become and maintain membership in the American College of Regenerative Medicine.
Patient safety can be maximized by our member understanding the spectrum and continuum of treatment options available. This continuum extends from point of care therapies performed in the clinic to formal IND clinical trials performed in academic and tertiary care institutions. As patient advocates, our members serve to guide patients and their families so that safety is maintained as the ultimate priority through their journey.
While stem cell and other biotherapies have shown great promise, it is important to maintain strict patient care standards with a precision-based scientific approach to patient care.  Patient outcome registries will also help the ACRM to validate and improve safety standards in the industry.